FILM & TV writer (WGA-W), DIRECTOR, PRODUCER living in Los Angeles.

Robert grew up in the film geek capital of the world: Austin, Texas, making home movies in the woods with his friends starting at the age of 12. He had no equipment or budget, but he had an old 8mm camcorder, good friends, BB guns, and a bottle of ketchup for fake blood, which was more than enough. The joy of making movies with friends and entertaining others led to filmmaking becoming a lifelong passion.  

After attending Chapman University film school, Robert worked on a number of robot, superhero, and car movies, while making and selling his own short films in between gigs, including the Streamy-winning web series, DR0NE. He’s been mentored by director Justin Lin (Fast & Furious, Star Trek Beyond), Harold Becker (The Onion Field), and Emmy-winning writer Bruce Miller (The Handmaid’s Tale). After somehow being accepted into the Writer's Guild, he began working on his own stories full time. He's sold projects to Legendary Pictures, Universal, Starz, Roy Lee, Ghost House, Paramount, Stuber Pictures and is hard at work on his feature debut, which he hopes to shoot soon so he can entertain everyone who's ever read his website bio.